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Congratulations -- You've found your path & purpose!


Now what? Confused by which next step to take? Paralyzed by too many ideas? Still struggling with how to create a business model around your purpose? 


No worries, help is here!


Shannon and Jessica are teaming up to offer you intuitive business coaching sessions. Jessica is a Psychic Medium and Intuitive Coach. She leverages her educational background to teach others how to harness their own intuition so they can be guided back to their most authentic path & purpose. Shannon Acton is an Intuitive Business Mentor with 20 years' experience in Marketing & Business Development. She weaves divine downloads with business savvy to help women make money doing what they love. 


If you want immediate insight, channeled direction, and an action plan for your budding business, book a session today.


Because 2 coaches are waaaaay better than one! 

for $333

“Spending time with Shannon and Jessica is like a fast track insight into years of what people circle around and struggle to find. I have never before been so empowered and directly taken to clarity. I found Jessica through word-of-mouth from other people speaking about spirit guides and what clarity they found from their session with her. Meeting Shannon as well as Jessica was the perfect balance between the two: both spoke directly and helpfully about actions I might take and possibility for passive income, courses etc , and I can’t say enough about how all the bullshit and sabotage and muddy mess I create around diverting myself around a certain path (we all chase) - they cut to the chase, and have a fantastic wonderful balance between them. I honestly can’t shut up about it and recommend them to everyone I know because it’s been so helpful to me to go straight to my true desires and work from there. You really will flounder and sabotage if you don’t address your truths. Once you do, with their guidance, you will be so thrilled, the rest is CAKE.”


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