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I have a little secret for you….


It doesn’t have to be so fucking hard.


But — truth bomb time — deep down, you actually want it to be a struggle. 




Because you believe if you don’t have to work hard for it, you don’t actually deserve it. (WHATEVER YOUR “IT” IS). 


This is what we have all been programmed to believe. To prevent us from stepping into our true power. To keep us small. And quiet. And controlled. 


I get it - staying small feels safe. But seriously, is that how you want to live your life? Why are you so willing to settle?


There is another way. 


And once you’re aware of this patriarchal bullshit, you can see the path to fulfilling the desires that you’re actually quietly ashamed to have in the first place. It’s just a matter of recognizing where you’re subconsciously sabotaging yourself.


That’s where I come in. 


I have a gift for seeing what you cannot (blind spots, we all have them). I’ll lovingly hold up a mirror and show you what limiting beliefs are stopping you. I’ll use my super powers of (gentle) inquiry, interpreting energetics, and channeling to help you recognize and break down what’s holding you back. 


It’s your birthright to thrive.


It’s not easy. But it’s so worth it. 


Are you ready? 

60 Minute Zoom Call

(Recording Provided)