for women creatives, healers, practitioners & soulpreneurs

Most of us navigate our lives with heavy filters - distilling our words, our actions, our appearance. 

That’s why I offer coaching to help you get out of your own way. It’s time to own your power, claim your light, and spread love to everyone who sees you. 

This isn’t photography - this is coaching and support to help you unravel your mental bullshit.

Let’s expose your blocks (ie: limiting beliefs) so you can confidently step out from the shadows and into the light.


Because you are meant to shine, lovely. The world is yearning for you. 


In this 45-minute video chat, we'll unpack what's holding you back from fully embracing being seen & heard as the face of your brand.


One-Time Coaching Session

Package (3 Sessions)

This option is for you if...

  • You fear visibility, whether on camera or not

  • You want to fully embrace being seen & heard


In these 45-minute video chats, we'll deep dive into limiting beliefs causing you fear and anxiety around being seen & heard. 

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