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Personal Brand & Portrait Photography 

for women creatives, healers, practitioners & soulpreneurs

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However, if you are like many women, you may not be totally comfortable putting yourself out there. We hide our light out of fear or shame. We deflect compliments and attention due to embarrassment or modesty. Society says we're not thin enough, pretty enough, sexy enough, {fill in the blank} enough...

We cannot see our own beauty through our

self-perceived imperfections.

Empowering women creatives, practitioners, makers, entrepreneurs & small business owners to SHINE as the face of their brands.


Your business is your baby. You've spent countless hours, spilt pints of blood, sweat, and tears turning your business vision into a reality. You are a badass on a mission to make this world a better place. But are you visible enough?


In a digital world where social media is king, your customers & clients need to connect with YOU.  

Like it or not, you need to be SEEN. Consistently. Authentically. Uniquely.

(And, NO, random selfies do NOT count.)


This is how you stand out. This is how you get found (and received). This is how you show your people your genius.


This is how you build trust.

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I want to change that. I want you to be so comfortable, feel so natural, and be so completely in the moment during our portrait session that it literally changes your life (and your business). I want you to re-connect with your inner child through play and laughter. I want to hold sacred space for you to feel honored, loved, respected, and completely safe.


I want to harness the power of your feminine grace and capture images that radiate with the energy of your DIVINE BEING.

If you are ready to step up and step OUT, let's make some magic together.

Personal Brand Session

1 Hour or 3 Hour Photoshoot Option


:: Pre-Photoshoot Vision & Strategy Session

:: Curated gallery of high resolution images

:: Color + black/white versions of each image

:: Electronic delivery

Starting at $750

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"I really didn’t think my photos could turn out like the many I see on Instagram with moodiness, outdoor feels and modern magical feel. I didn’t get my hopes up too much because I have always believed I didn’t belong in those echelons. You have blown that belief out of the water. You have shown me how I want to see myself and want to be every day."